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Jack Nelson 98.7 FM Mandolin ComplementJack Nelson
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"That dude plays mandolin like few others; better than anyone I've met in Texas that plays the mandolin for sure."

Willy 1550 AM & 98.7 FM Navasota


Kaleb|Best Mandolin Player In My Life 2/24/2024Kaleb
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"You've gotta be the BEST mandolin player I've ever heard in my life!"


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"From his towering stature, long straight hair, and spiked collar to the homemade cigar box mandolin that he uses to absolutely shred, the boy’s got range. And he’s doing his homework too."

Jack Nelson

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"You put on an amazing show!  I'm looking forward to your next show. It was definitely one of the best performances I've seen."

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I have listened to your “Fresh Hay” CD over and over. I play cd’s in my art work shop continually. I LOVE the CD!

Want y’all to know just how much your music touches people. It makes me smile and  the “With Angel’s” song gives me thills I believe every time I hear it.


Have seen and heard the group twice at the New Baden Jamboree. Each time our group was blessed. Thank you for your music and words. You guys are really good."



“Went to see our most favorite band ‘Jacob Austin’ last Saturday.  We enjoyed their performance tremendously.  Jacob’s singing and mandolin were just amazingly good. I wish them the best and become real famous one day.  They will deserve it!”

Sid S.

Jack Langley.jpg

“Woo! That was hotter than a brand new Coney Island!”


“Y'all kicked butt last night in La Grange. I wish y'all could have done more songs. We were blessed to hear y'all.”

Texas Cannoneer

Terry Smith.jpg

 “Jacob is quite an accomplished mandolin player and I enjoy having him on stage with me when possible.”

Terry Smith, entertainer and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee -Author of The Far Side Banks of Jordan

Connie Fager.jpg

“A very refreshing family band.  They are to be admired. I love the harmony of Jacob and his father.  All three are good musicians, Jacob has a very clear loud voice so easy to understand.  This band is one of my favorites!”

Bob Everhart Cropped.jpg

“One of the most successful ‘on the road’ bands working in America today make their home in Texas, when they’re there.”

     “Austin, who cut his teeth playing at bluegrass and country music festival jams alongside his parents, leans back in his chair as a smile widens his face. ‘This place feels like home,’ he said.

     “Jacob Austin, the young mandolin player that fronts the band, is one of the foremost ‘pickers’ on the road still keeping America’s ‘real’ rural music alive and well.”

Bob Everhart

Iowa History Journal.jpg

“Their performances are refreshingly organic and harken back to a time when people played music for the pure enjoyment of it.  Jacob Austin, the young mandolin player, singer and namesake of the family trio, headlines the evening show at the Oak Tree Opry in Anita, Iowa with their own brand of traditional country, bluegrass, and gospel music.”

Michael Swanger, Publisher, Iowa History Journal


"Caught your show on Jan 23 in Donna, Texas. It was the best I've seen the valley! Thanks for the great time."


"Oh, I am on "Cloud Nine" - I am sooo thankful that we could make the connection. Your Band is just "awesome" - your sound qualities-voice and instrumental, your personalities, and the love the three of you show and share as you perform. We just have a full host of the most positive feedback ever coming in on an event here at Rock Crusher. What words can I use to express our gratitude and appreciation for all you shared; it was all tremendous and so greatly appreciated.

     Now what can I/We do to let other resorts, churches know. I/We will definitely be working on that, but now just keep in mind when your schedule gets full in Florida, please--always keep a place for Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park. My husband, Mr. Accountant, did the Math - a 400% increase in attendance for a concert, an event at the resort, and accolades for you are coming in --like never, ever, ever before. Peace and ALL Good Wishes. "

Judy and Larry, Crystal River, Florida.


"I can't believe that big voice came out of this young man. What a surprise!"

A New Fan

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